ABP Diploma in International Business Skills

The Association Of Business Practitioners UK Accredited

Ibs Modules Certification

  1. Customer Service
    • To understand the importance of the customer experiences and the important role it plays in business success.
  2. Business Communication
    • Appreciate the importance of effective business communication and apply relevant skills.
  3. Self-Awareness and Personal Development
    • To focus on skills and techniques that assist with personal and team development.
  4. Business Etiquette
    • To understand business etiquette and how to conduct business professionally.
  5. Business Basics and Finance
    • To increase awareness of common business language and equip learners with financial planning techniques.
  6. People Skills
    • To learn fundamental skills to effectively work with people in the aspect of motivation, team issues and conflicts.
  7. Time Management
    • To understand time management techniques for short, medium and long term and eliminate time wasting activities.
  8. Information Technology for Business
    • To explore common terminologies and to better understand the technical and management skills required in the IT and business environment.



  1. Each module consists of 20 instructor taught hours and 30 self-directed learning hours
  2. After each module, learners must successfully pass a one hour exam to move on to the next module.
  3. After successfully passing the exams from each module, learners will receive a certification 
  4. Upon successful completion of the eight modules, students will receive the International Business Skills Diploma



  1. Develop skills in a broad range of topic areas that are relevant to everyday business.
  2. Learn skills to confidently embark on a successful business career.
  3. Businesses with employees who are engaged and knowledgeable of modern day business technique.
  4. Prepares employers and employees to compete in the global market.
  5. Increases awareness of the needs of international customers.
  6. A recognized UK accreditation in International Business.